22 episodes

In the last season Alan and Jake took a father-son bonding trip before Jake went on assignment in Japan. Walden had the unique experience of dating a 22-year-old girl and her grandmother at the same time. Season 11 will be surprise. Charlie was a father! Meet his daughter, who shares more than a few characteristics with her father …


23 episodes

Last season the relationship between Walden and Zoe did not develop because of Alan. The new season begins with the fact that Walden plans a big surprise for Zoey’s birthday. New characters also appear in the TV show. One of them – Missi ( guest star Miley Cyrus), an old family friend of Walden’s who comes to visit for a week and develops a relationship with Jake when he comes home from the Army.


24 episodes

A favorite of women and fan spirits Charlie Harper gets in a car accident. It’s consequences are more than deplorable. The main character dies. It is known that in the new season, a major role in the series will be played Ashton Kutcher. His character’s name is Walden Schmidt. Soon “All will be revealed …

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