10 episodes

As the twins’ saga continues in season two, there are more surprises, secrets and lies. The girls recently revealed birth mother Rebecca lures Sutton into her plans for the Mercer family. Emma grows closer to Thayer, while still being drawn to Ethan, who has started to reconnect with Sutton. Kristin feels betrayed after Ted came clean about his long ago affair with Rebecca, but Ted might be hiding even more shocking revelations. And Mads connects with a mysterious new guy in town who brings a whole new level of secrets with him.


20 episodes

Emma is a good-hearted and well-mannered child who has something to do. She discovered that she has a twin sister, Sutton, which, in contrast to Emma, was raised by wealthy parents and, apparently, lived a perfect life.  Sutton persuaded Emma to pretend her for a few days until she will study the tip-of their biological mother after the first meeting. Initially, Emma was happy to oblige her sister, but then found that Sutton was lost and could be in trouble.  Now Emma has to decide whether to tell the truth Sutton family and risk their safety, hoping to find out the true location of his sister and the truth about why they were separated.

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