19 episodes

In the fourth season, there is a group of artists traveling circus, led by Samuel Sullivan. Each member of the group (who calls themselves a family) has special abilities. Samuel is obsessed with the idea to expand the family, thereby increasing the power of own ability. He involves to the family a new members, among which are Hiro Nakamura, Claire Bennet and Sylar. Samuel wants to build a new world for her family, a world in which people with abilities will be able to live openly with all other people.



25 episodes

During the third season Sylar acquires new abilities instead of lost previously. Some inmates escaped from Level 5 and the “Company” is doing everything possible to bring them back. Adam Monroe’s ability healed Arthur Petrelli. He begins to gather villains around him, which lured into his net Mohinder Suresh, Nathan Petrelli, Tracy Strauss, Elle Bishop, and Sylar. They develop a formula that allows every person on earth to possess superhuman abilities. But it soon becomes clear that without the “catalyst”, located in the body of one man, it does not work.



11 episodes

This season begins 4 months after the events at Kirby Plaza. The plot is centered on the study of the “virus Shanti”, which can inhibit the ability of supermen. “Heroes” unite their efforts to stop Adam Monroe, who planned to arrange a pandemic virus.



23 episodes

The series tells the story of the people who does not stand out among the rest, while they don’t awaken the incredible abilities: telepathy, the ability to fly, the ability to travel through time and space, the ability to copy others, emit radiation and others. Soon, these people realize that they will have a crucial role in preventing the accident, which could carry the lives of many millions of people and changed the world forever.

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