22 episodes

McGarrett and Wo Fat make a narrow escape from maximum security, gunman storm Five-0 headquarters and Catherine is taken hostage. Now, in McGarrett’s quest to save Catherine, he must break the rules and go head-to-head with new SWAT Commander Captain Grover. Meanwhile, Kono and Adam’s secret location in Hong Kong is compromised.



24 episodes

Following McGarrett’s mother’s surprise return and Chin’s gut-wrenching decision in last season’s finale cliffhanger, the team is determined to track down Wo Fat and Delano for killing an important member of their family.



23 episodes

Detective Steve McGarrett returns to Oahu to investigate the murder of his father. He stays at the island because the governor of Hawaii persuaded  him to lead a new team Five-O. The team still  consists of  the policeman from New Jersey Danny ‘Danno’ Williams,  a former policeman of  Honolulu Chin Ho Kelly, beautiful and fearless academy graduate Kono Kalakaua. We will see at the second season once again that though the members of the new special-force Five-O  bite each other but they are  incline to destroy the crime at the fiftieth state. 

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